Hello, Toronto | Tryst with Transition

I moved from India to Toronto, Canada in November 2017, following my marriage to a beautiful soul. Since then I have been grappling with a number of adjustment issues in life. While I was under the impression that I would fit right in and that I would embrace YYZ with the same zeal as I had accepted the other cities I lived in back home, I was thrown right in the deep end of the ocean.

A married life is slightly different than the single life that I had made my comfort zone. With the change come varied challenges, on a daily basis. It was after a month of putting up a brave face in the times of extreme cold warnings that I realised that I am a person made for the transitional life.

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And on one such day of attempting to beat the winter blues, I recalled what I had read a long time ago- you can rewrite your story by choosing to change the narrative. So here I am, a young married Indian girl in Toronto, trying to manoeuvre my way through the city and everything it has to offer.

The primary reason for building this space is two-fold. One is that I want to document the experiences that I have every day and reflect on their transient nature. The other is to offer support to the women out there, hustling and trying to make their voices heard, and learn from them. My vision for The Narrative of Life is to be safe space where each word, each emotion is valued; where the power of storytelling is recognised and narratives have the strength to shake regressive foundations.

I am excited and nervous! Stay tuned for what I have in store with this idea.



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