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It is a particularly snowy weekend here in Toronto. My partner and I spent the whole day at home, talking, watching badass movies, cooking our favourite food together, and dozing off on the couch while listening to the news. Needless to say, it has been a fulfilling Saturday. It is now time for both of us to spend some time working on our respective tasks related to personal goals. It is now time to kickstart this space.

Over a year ago, my partner and I decided to get married. In April 2017, we officiated it in an Indian court, and in November I moved to Toronto to join him as his wife. This phase of life is new to both of us and we try to cope with it in our own characteristic ways. So, why The Narrative of Life? What do I aim to achieve with this blog? Why should you continue reading this post? What reasons would I leave you with to come back again?blog graphic 10 feb

Lets dive right in, beginning from what the title of this blog implies. Narrative is the practice or art of telling stories. Say for example, you are given a task at work where you have to explain a chain of sad events in a compelling way. You may or may not like that story. You may dislike or loathe the colleagues who were actively involved in it, but your job is to make it sound exciting. You then become the master of the narrative you choose. The narrative decides whether your audience is left with food for thought or a sad emotion. When you take control of the narrative, you take control of the catharsis it has.

That is simply what I aim to do with this space. I want to make stories around me interesting, even the ones where I spend the entire day getting bored. I learned about the significance of documenting when I was training as a social worker. It is an amazing tool through which you constantly reflect on your actions and lessons learned, and welcome new perspectives. There was a raging urge in me to put my training to other, more social use. That is part 2 of this space- to look at this life in transition through various lens and learn from everyone around me.

Finally, you could read this blog if you are anyone who recognises or wish to recognise the struggles and the beauty of women’s transitional life. We are always juggling between phases, aren’t we? Lets make it an enriching experience, together!


More real perspectives soon. Stay tuned for regular posts every Monday and Thursday!


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